KiCad universal DC-DC module design

sorry to chime in so late…

but I too am working on a F7 pcb
and I also have included a power supply…

do you think your power supply has too many parts ?

check this one…
only half way through…

Hey there,
i know, that this Topic is about 2 years old.
Can anyone explain me this Circuit? I need a DC-DC converter that can handle up to 3-3.5 Amps. do i need a MCU connected all the time to control this converter? Or can i “programm” it to an Output Voltage and disconnect my MCU?

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In this case the programmable resistor in the middle of the (last) schematic starts in mid-position. The MCU is required. There are other similar ICs that are able to store the selected value. If it’s just a fixed voltage DC-DC you want there are simpler implementations (follow the datasheet for the TI TPS62135 for example).

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Do you need a boost or a buck converter?

Chips like XL4015 and XL6006 are often used in those cheap modules from Ebay / Ali / China / etc.

Sir this Zip file is not open it give me an error . can you please share me a kicad project file. i am very thankful to you

I want to design a high voltage step down convertor which convert 1400-2200vDC input into 48V DC Output .Anyone Available to help me?

I hope you get an answer from StefanHamminga (you can try sending them a message), but it’s possible they don’t monitor this topic anymore after 4 years.

As for your second request, this is an electronic design question and outside of the topics of this forum which is for the KiCad ECAD software. Also I’d be very very very cautious around the high voltages you cite if you don’t know what you are doing.