KiCad Turkey Telegram Group

Dear KiCad Lovers,

I have created a group on the Telegram messaging application for KiCad users in Turkey. I would like to share the group link below. It is public, and anyone who wants to join can do so.

Here is the link: Telegram: Contact @kicad_turkey

Additionally, when someone in the Telegram group asks a question related to KiCad, I am considering developing a bot that can provide solutions by explaining the solutions available on KiCad’s official page. If anyone is interested in AI-powered Telegram bots, I would be happy to get in touch.

Best regards.

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Have you seen the thread below:

I have not done anything with AI myself, but an AI answering forum questions does have some appeal. They are good enough at the moment to analyze the text and give accurate answers to simple questions (such as use of the PWR_FLAG symbols which pops up every month or so), but I guess they will be pretty useless for more in depth questions.

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