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how useful are generic inductors ?

if i use a bourns it shold look like a bourns.

am i missing something here ?

I learnt to like libraries organized with manufacturer and part-no as key
at first it may look like a lot of duplicate work, and it is, but saves you more time in having to look for a generic counterpart that match all parameters, the human error will make me fail for sure with that.

but i am very much open for comments about how that library is supposed to work with exact part-numbers
how will i find a good model in a generic library ?

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if you look at the KiCad/Inductors_SMD.pretty you will see that there are generic inductors (L-0201->L_1812) as well as specific Manufacturer’s PN (L_Vishay_IHSM-7382, L_Taiyo-Yuden_NR-30xx, etc) so I wouldn’t say so generic at all! :smiley: Most users would be satisfied with this list…
As @Andy_P already pointed out

For connectors and switches it is useful to have a specific Manufacturer 3D model, but for internal parts most of the time is just easier associate a model with the right dimensions (i.e. L_6.3x6.3_H3)
3D models are less strict than footprint models… in many cases just bounding box models are enough…

Moreover, if you need to share your 3D artwork and your are not using it only for internal use, you must leave manufacturers 3D libraries because of their restrictive license, and start to learn MCAD :wink:
And again, if you want to use the 3D models for the enclosure design, you have to be comfortable with a MCAD sw.

you always need to associate a specific 3D model to a footprint, so the error can arrive both if you associate a manufacturer original 3D model (that sometimes is wrong too) or a generic model with dimensions as per the specific Part…
I normally order a PN and check its real dimensions compared to the one in the DS or 3D CAD model before archive a footprint with its 3d model in my personal repo.

Anyway, I think that having a quite big 3D repo filled with most used 3D models is a must for letting users having a smooth approach to KiCad.



I think a mix between generic and specific be a good compromise.

where do i find a 1206 capacitor 1.25mm high ?

i will search the library and see

this one should come in some variants of height
then it would be perfect

KiCad has mainly a basic 3D library … it is a sort of impossible to have all variants … at the same time it is possible to easily generate your 3D model using the scripts here

simply go into the Capacitors_SMD subfolder and edit adding the parameters for 1206_h125 model starting from 1206 data (you just need to change name and height) and launch the batch with the model name… then you will have your cap and perfection :wink:

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will do

i find the height of the generics to be very high


Most SMD ceramic capacitors have a square cross section

were do you get your model?
the generic 1206 3D model is

    T = 0.78,  # package height

so less than 1.25 …

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hmmm, hehe

so i found it somewhere else

i will get them correct, one day…