KiCad-StepUp Export to STEP Changes FreeCAD Project

Using FreeCAD v0.17 (7180) and the latest StepUp, I noticed my FreeCAD project is modified when I Export the model in STEP format. Below is a before and after of the FreeCAD “project” window:

My assumption would be that exporting a model would not modify the FreeCAD project structure, but it seems to.

I narrowed this down to the STEP export by refusing to replace existing STEP and/or WRL. It’s only when I export the STEP format that this seems to happen.

Is there any way to prevent this?


May as well alert @maui. :wink:


Thanks. On your advice, I sent a message to him. I assume that’s what “alert” implies.


hehe, in this case just putting @Michael_Mulligan in a reply will be enough to alert people :wink:

you can just click on ‘Union’ button of StepUp
This will make a copy of the structure, and then will create a ‘unioned’ copy to be exported, leaving unchanged the original construction.

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That works fine. If it’s expected by “seasoned” users, I’m OK with that procedure. Beats mine.

But if it’s not expected, could the union (and subsequent delete) be done in the Export?

Either way is fine, I just observe I was surprised and didn’t figure out the technique you suggested. [I will note my I.Q. has been declining for 45 to 50 years.]


In some case the union may fails, so it is useful to make the operation before the exporting action…

I made some video tutorials for that (now a bit ‘old’), linked in the cheatsheet…
full demo howto
align 3d model to footprint
a User’s video tutorial

You may be interested also to:

and if you have some spare time to spend :wink:

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