Kicad StepUp: a new UPDATE


the footprint parser in StepUp is based on a very old code … it doesn’t share the new semantic parser used for the board…
Anyway this is not the main issue… the difficulty is that a rounded pad needs to be build as edges with arcs and lines to be calculated from the round ratio found at the footprint description…
I would have a look at if you need this feature for the library during holidays


It is not that important right now. I can do everything that i need to do without it. (rounded rect is imported as rect so this is enough for now.)
Would just be a nice addition. (In some rare cases pad to pad clearance checks might benefit from this. But for now i can simply create a sketch and “measure” it that way.)


stuff like this makes me want to keep making the damn 3D models :slight_smile:
nice job!


Thanks for the kind comment Shack. A lot of the credit goes to StepUp for making this possible. The quality of the library has really become very high, and the great work defining the KLC standards and info page about it is really helping.


Thanks for the kind words. We don’t get positive feedback that often.