.kicad_sch and .kicad_pcb files now default to no group or world read on Linux

It would be the right thing to do then, to propagate the permissions of the previous revision.


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As I was hit by this problem too, I want to reopen this thread
The problem is indeed the creation of a temporary file with
wxFileName::CreateTempFileName() in e.g. files-io.cpp
In the description of wxFileName::CreateTempFileName is the hint:
Under Unix, the temporary file will have read and write permissions for the owner only, to minimize security problems.
a solution with “chmod =rw filename” is the proposed solution here.

Implementing this for schematic and PCB save would be very helpful for collaboration.


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I think that instead of a chmod it should propagate the original permissions of the file so that collaborate or no-collaborate settings are maintained.

You might want to raise a ticket for the issue or nothing will happen. As I only collaborate with myself, it’s only an irritation for me.

PS: I merged your new thread with the original thread.


Thanks for the hint. Checking the bug list I found the following issue.

So the issue is already known.
Thanks for the merge.