Kicad library in linux mint

I have installed kicad 5.01 version in my laptop having linux mint . I am facing problem in adding component to its library ,earlier when i have done it on windows i was able to do it . How to fix it?

Your post confuses me.
First I do not know what "Kicad version 5.01 is. If it’s 5.0.1, then it’s a pretty old version. With the recommended install method from the website you should now have V5.1.10.

What do you mean with: “adding components to it’s library”
My KiCad V5.1.10 has about 200 symbol libraries, and also a bunch of footprint libraries.

You should never modify them yourself.
If you make new (or modify existing) schematic symbols or footprints, you should put them in libraries you create and manage yourself. The reason for this is that the libraries that are part of KiCad can be replaced by newer revisions during updates of KiCad, and you will loose your modifications.

Are you attempting to add personal assets or modifications to the library that is shipped with KiCad? If so, then this explains why you can not do that on Linux. The library that is shipped with KiCad is put into a directory where you need root access rights to modify its content.

This is done on purpose to protect you the user from yourself! Personal assets and personal modifications should really be done only in personal libraries that you place somewhere where you have access rights (example in a subfolder of your users “documents” folder). If you modify the libraries shipped with KiCad then the next time you update you will lose these modifications (and therefore your personal assets)

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I’m using KiCad in an actual Version 5.1.xy on Linux Mint (a virtual machine and a physical machine). On both computers I added some parts on my user libraries without problems.
Did you checked the access permissions of the files?
Is there a special way you did it? I’ll give it a try here…

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