KiCad - first contact with a new subspecies of EDA

There is/was no anger. Your post about forum formatting was off topic and therefore noise on an otherwise single topic thread. The Meta forum is where your post belongs. Nothing more.


Thank you, Duly noted.

It’s me again.
Finally, the boards are done, not in copper but ready for it. I can’t say it went well, it went very well.
I did the KiCad version first, creating the schema went without a hitch, CvPcb cost me more than a full days work, not KiCad’s fault, just me learning how it works. Routing the board, no problem at all.
The Eagle version came next, as to expect with the experience I already had, it went well, without problem, and was even helped by the routing done using KiCad.
Comparing both, the schema would be a tie (no hierarchical sheets used), creating parts (schema and footprint) I prefer KiCad, routing the board (no autorouting) KiCad comes out ahead with some margin.


Great to hear that you found KiCAD more advanced (or whatever it is that you think is better) than Eagle. Sure, the experience you have in Eagle and haven’t in KiCAD still counts big. I did this experiments some time ago and I have absolutely no urge to go back to Eagle. I switched to KiCAD for good.