Kicad DXF import changes my outline

I am trying to import a complex shape into PCBnew for a board outline from a DXF. The problem that I am having is Kicad seems to remove some of the small radius. Here is what I have drawn.

And here is what the import looks like.

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The DXF import capability in KiCad does not support DXF
features like POLYLINES and ELLIPSIS;
any POLYLINES need to be split (Exploded) and your DXF has to be saved in R12 version/format

have a look at:
at the paragraph
‘6. Create and modify a board’
‘6.1.2. Using a DXF drawing for the board outline’

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Worked great,
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and if you need to check your mechanical constrains or just export your board to mechanical environment, you may consider this tool:

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This project does not really have much in terms of mechanical constants as it is only a holiday card. There is the one as the part that is tabbed out is a stand but I have a good idea that it will fit fine.

I will most definitely be making use of this is future. Thanks for writing it and making me aware of it,