KiCad crash with multi unit symbols and multi instantiation of hierarchical sheets

Rene, your post about hierarchical design prompted me to attempt using this in one of my designs where I have a circuit, a bus transceiver, that’s repeated many times. Unfortunately, KiCad crashes with an assert error when I try to either block copy the sheet or create a new sheet referencing the same schematic filename (running v. 5.0.2 on Debian Linux).

Is it the case, perhaps, that using multi-unit components in a sub-sheet this way doesn’t work? That is, I’m using a quad op-amp but each sheet only uses one of the op-amps and I was going to use the other units in other instances of that same sheet.

I can not reproduce your problem under 5.1.1 with the limited information you gave. You could test to update to 5.1.1 (or 5.1.0 as 5.1.1 might not be available for all platforms yet) and test if the same problem still happens. If it does then share the file if you can or even better try to find a minimal setup that leads to the crash. If you are at that stage then please report it over at the bugtracker.

Here the project i created as part of the test: (5.0 KB)

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Tried your project and it crashes the same way, when duplicating either opa.sch or cmos.sch. I then added a new sheet without parts that have sub-units and it crashes the same way so that bit of speculation was irrelevant. It looks like just trying to link two sheets to the same schematic triggers the crash.

The Debian Testing distribution is still stuck on 5.0.2 and I’ve never figured out how to install just a single package from the Unstable distribution (I don’t want to upgrade everything to Unstable). I haven’t had much luck trying to compile KiCad’s source in the past but I’ll give it another attempt.

Nightly on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS opens normally

5.1.0 finished compiling and it does not have the problem with creating multiple sheets pointing to the same schematic file as 5.0.2 does. The graphics are painfully slow but I’ll assume that’s just something I did wrong in the build configuration and will get fixed when the regular KiCad 5.1.0 makes it from the unstable branch of Debian down to testing. For the meantime, I can use 5.1.0 to create the hierarchical sheets but do the bulk of my work in 5.0.2 which seems to be able to view the results just fine.

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