KiCad 8 Release video?

It would be so very, very unusual and cool if someone at KiCad makes a hi resolution video about the great news in KiCad 8, right about when it’s released! Thanks for that.

For a thing like that, video making and editing skills are much more important then intimate knowledge of KiCad. (Nearly) all new things in the coming V8 are already listed in the Post V7 new features thread, and going from there it’s mostly shooting the video’s and editing them together.

Different people have different skills. And I’d much rather have the people who create and Improve KiCad itself do the things they do best.

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This is a video presentation by Wayne Stanbaugh at KiCon 2023 about new features

This is a forum post listing the added features


Something similar was done when 7 was released, i would expect something when 8 is released . . .

Thanks. That’s a good video it is. Though it would be nice with a video/videos showing the real use of the new thrilling functions.

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