KiCad 8 (7.99) Future Versions Wishlist (Gerber)

I have to disagree if we are talking about an end-to-end design system… Herber fails refer to production fails, such as the multiplate function, where there are many devices on one board… Such a function is absent in the kicad itself… And all this is in systems like altium…

OK. We made our points. Let us agree to disagree.

The fact is that everyone has their own opinion but the design rules for everyone are the same anyway, it’s better when there are tools than when there are none… Whether to use them or not is a personal matter…

Sure. But the question is not whether these tools would be useful. No doubt they are.
The question is whether developing these is the best use of the limited development capacity that is available.
Most seem to think there are more important things to do.


Just look at the competitors… So let’s say on grandfather cad

Im sorry, my english grammar is bad.

Thanks for all replies, this is the news:
Panelization has never been part of the KiCad design scope so a major shift in the project goals would be required to allow panelization into the code base.

status: out-of-scope

It would be great to have a multiple schematic and multiple PCB on the same project. It may not be that much effort as these other things you are proposing.

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It gets surprisingly messy - Two "R1"s, two “GND” nets etc.
This is a frequent request to dodge PCB Fab setup costs. The reality is that these fabs are very good at squeezing small Gerber jobs onto a standard FR4 panel. This keeps cost down for everyone.

Hi! Im using KiCad less than 3 months for now. And I want to know if there will be opportunity for using component database (excel, access) as in altium. Absence of cmps database and fully dark interface in Windows dont let me completely jump from AD on KiCad. Thanks.

I think this thread has lived long enough, it’s not very useful to throw in new wishes here. For those who have feature requests: this Feature Request Chat is the right section if you do your homework first and search the forum and the gitlab issue database. Then you can start a discussion for some specific request to hear what other end users might think about it. This is not the official place for feature requests to be considered by the developers.

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