Kicad 7 - STEP export including tracks


Is there a way to to export a .step file including the tracks on the board?
I want exactly what I see in the 3D viewer as a file. Is there a way to do this in V7?
Ideally without useing Freecad.but I’d be fine with that too in case theres no other way…

Hope this question is not redundant. I found similar topics but not for v7.


Exporting as STEP won’t export the tracks or silkscreens. But exporting as VRML will keep them. You can then convert the VRML to other formats. That’s still the way with KiCad V7.


Safe to say most of us do it in FreeCAD with the KSU StepUp workbench.

One icon to import the PCB with Parts, One icon to import the Tracks and Pads.

Then, you can Export a STEP/other…


Unfortunately this is not excactly what i want as I’d prefer a .step file and not a mesh.
but it is great to know! …might be excactly what I need if I ever want to bring a board into blender…

Also, unfortunately this also has a small issue as it looses the thickness I’d prefer to have the eption to export it excactly the way I see it in the 3d viewer whn I tick the “Show copper and tech layer thickness (very slow)” box … quck to fix maually…but still.

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Thanks for the hint! …took me a while to find that button…

…I was kind of hoping there’s a solution without FreeCAD. but this will do.

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I always export the PCB as VRML and import it to Blender for further modifications and rendering. For enclosure designs and such, I get the file to Fusion360.

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