KiCad 5.1.2 Always Wants To Discard My Changes

That’s ok, I don’t see any point in looking at the diff for each commit 99% of the time. I just use useful commit messages, and use a combination of commit messages and dates of commit to figure out when I want to roll back to.

Useful diffing of boards/schematics is definitely something we want to do. It’s also a fairly large project.

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Well, there was a talk at KiCon about a visual diff service for PCBs called CADLAB.
See the talk here:

I have not tried this service myself, so I can’t make any comment on how well it does or doesn’t work nor how it may or may not fit any particular workflow.

Of course my statement was hyperbole; I’ve used KiCad enough to know that it’s prudent to save often.

The real problem is quick changes - go in, make a tiny change, close, hit the defaults when exiting, and… it’s gone.

There are both schematic and layout visual diff tools available.

Version Control Tools

And this project


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