Kicad (5.1.0) export to step, vrml formats

I found that the FC stepUP does not import from *.kicad_pcb the Front SilkS layer: am I doing something wrong?
Moreover in the vrml or step exportation is not keep the color of the pcb, set with the internal 3D viewer.
Can you help me?

Stepup is not meant to be used in a toolchain to create pretty pictures. It is meant for communicating with your mechanical engineer or possibly with simulation tools that require traces as solids (Thermal behavior simulation) Nobody in such a toolchain cares about the silk layer as it only adds to the processing requirements without adding valuable information.

If you want to make pretty pictures then export vrml directly from kicad and use your favorite rendering tool to create your picture (example: blender can directly import vrml) This of course relies on you having vrml models for the components you want to have visible.

Even if StepUp is aimed to mechanical collaboration, it is also possible to import tracks and Silks (Silks through KiCAD DXF export)

this is a known bug

Please add your commet there to see if it can be patched.
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