Kicad 5.0.2 Module Setup

thank you but it does not help me! On this document :
The directories organization is wrong (I use Win7) I try to add directly on :
And unfortunately on Kicad restart project my one module is not on the list.
That’s my problem.

Did you read the full tutorial?

TlDr: Simply putting your lib into a system directory will not add it to kicad. You need to add it to the library table This is explained in detail in the tutorial. (Section “Adding a library to the library table” And section “Library tables”)

Additionally: The picture you shared is in the “Advanced setup” section. It is a custom setup! The default setup is described one section above.

Yes I’m too fast on my answer, sorry, I try to add my personal library on table, thanks !

I think this is a missing feature since fb-… table invented. User cannot simply add lib in the “right” folder only. I think fb- table should also allow to include the whole folder so it would automatic pickup a new lib in the folder.

This is a design decission. Kicad simply is a bit more strict about library management than for example eagle. I don’t think this is a bad idea in general.

It would however be a very bad idea to start and mix workflows. That would only be confusing to users. And to be honest i really don’t see the need for this as you can easily add multiple libs at once using the library managers. (Additionally: it is not really expected that you add libs that often. Doing that properly should really not be that much of trouble.)

What might however be nice is the option to import library tables. This would allow users to easily add 3rd party libs. (That lib would then define a library table that you can import instead of needing to manually add libs with the library managers which will remove the option of having descriptions for libraries.)

Hi all, I’m back with my personal-lib problem, I’ve added my personal lib and mod into the “library tables” like this :

Unfortunately I’m not able to see and use them on my project … :roll_eyes: :

I’m probably wrong somewhere, what do you think ?

This is only for modules (empreintes) I’m able to access on the personal schematic parts but not able to add module (footprint) on it.


If I understand this and some previous discussions correctly, what is wanted is ability to have several library tables at the same time, not only one global and one local.

Could you please switch kicad to english when posting screenshots to an international forum? (Main window -> preferences -> select language)

Kicad libraries come in at least two flavours. Symbols and footprints.
You need to add both the symbol and footprint libs to their respective library tables.

Read this: What is the difference between footprints and symbols?

Same snaps on Shakespeare language :

I know differences between Symbols & footprints, I’ve no problem with Symbols I add my ‘rpi_a _b _2b_hat.lib’ then on footprint I add my ‘RPi_Hat.pretty’ with .mod files :

The library tables include my path (I think ?) :

More ideas ?

You are only showing the symbol library table editor. You need to add your RPi_Hat.pretty footprint library to the footprint library table editor.

Hi SembazuruCDR, you’re right ! By adding (again) on the FP table editor it works.
For me this is funny … Why we need to manually fill-up one table then on another tool another table ??? It’s true that it’s easier to do complicated than simple …
Thanks for this good (justified in this case) remark. Maybe in another release it should be more intuitive to take care for personal Libs & footprint. Thanks to all :=)

Not every symbol library has a corresponding footprint library. For example there is no footprint library for the 74xx series of ICs (the symbols in there use footprints from the Package_SO, Package_DIP and Package_DFN_QFN libraries.)

In other words: It does not make any sense to assume that there will be a similarly named footprint library for a symbol library or vice versa.

Hello Rene, you’re right, no perfect man in a perfect world!
Well, finally, I found a way to solve my problem, it might be well that these remarks are added to the link: to explain how to proceed, if I repeat:

  • First: Add your personal path to the Environment Variable Configuration.

  • Second: Add your personal libraries to the Eeschema preferences path.


  • Third: Add your personal imprint on the path on the PCB Editor preferences.


And finally, you can play with your proper components, if I’m right.

The path stuff is not what adds your libs. That is completely optional (unless you use 3d models)
This tool is also the one tool that is global.

The tool you need to run form the symbol editor and from the footprint editor is the library manager.

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Hi Rene, not sure to understand ? When you open the Eeschemas or PCB-editor they are no “library manager”, the only setting is symbol libraries or footprint libraries.
Concerning the footprint libraries provided by default on the V5.0.2 main of them are just silkscreen footprint, I want to use my proper 3D footprints instead, where and how can I add it on my eeschemas or pcb-edit or both ?
Here an example of the kicad foot print :
I would like to change by this :
Not easy to do !

Explained in the last section of this tutorial Tutorial: How to make a footprint in KiCad 5.1.x (From scratch)?

You sure? What about the entries that are similar to “Manage symbol libraries”?

I’ll check the Tuto for footprint, thanks, for the library manager the correct name on each menu is Manage symbol libraries and Manage footprint libraries if you search for library manager you can not find it “easily” … this is a remark for beginner and new users.

Quote from the tutorial i linked in the very first response:

Yes, you’re right, but for non-English this is a subtability, looking on the tuto is good but a little bit confusing with menus (I’m using 5.0.2 and you use 5.1) by the way when this release should be official, the 5.0.2 crash time to time for unknown reason ?

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