Just Kudos to KiCad!

Why not place the mounting holes in the schematic and connect them to the correct net in there?

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Well, I started out having symbols for mounting holes in the schematic and later just added the footprints in pcbNew instead.

I read a thread about pros and con’s of each approach–don’t recall now exactly why, but decided to just do in layout.

My approach:
Mounting holes in the schematic if they belong to a net.
Mounting holes not in the schematic if they don’t belong to a net.
If the board has boh types of mounting holes I place all holes in the schematic.

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Good to know recommended practices–new to Kicad, trying to take the time “to do it right”.

Like with anything in technology there is no “correct” way to do it. If you work alone then you will need to experiment and decide on what you personally like most. If you work in a team then use their rules and if there are none help make them (in a team rules should be developed as a team effort).

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As @Rene_Poschl said, these rules are not written in stone but a personal choice. Furthermore, these rules are independent of the CAD program.

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