JLCPCB vs square cuts?

interesting…thx for the input

… was a half-hearted attempt at joking… Sorry! :rofl:

I expected someone to say a ‘Square-Drill-Bit will make a Round Hole when the Bit rotates’.

I know a good deal about Broaching and stamping machines - that, and the following, is what inspired the Joke…

Never know what folks will ‘think’… Decades ago I designed stuff for Missiles/Rockets and someone asked how I was going to power the electronics - I said ‘with a long Extension Cord’. The next day, he said he’d spent all night thinking about it and wondered about the total weight. I said it’s made from Mono-Filament (like Fishing Line) and he said, “oh, now I understand”. I moved him out of Engineering and into Documentation Dept.


dude I got the joke
yet it made me thing about ClickSpring video, thought it was worth sharing

now, going to the extend of modelling a 3d square drill bit for the sake of a joke, that is some f in dedication :slight_smile:

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The video was worth spending the few minutes while drinking coffee.

I love CAD and took only about 3 minutes… in FreeCAD

oh yeah, ClickSpring is like adult movies but for engineers
Chris is such an inspiring maker

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Killing time… Attached is the FreeCAD file for the Bit - in case someone wants to see how it was done (other ways to do it and, did not fuss with actual cutting-edges/Geometry…etc. It’s just a representation for posting…)

bit.FCStd (1.2 MB)

Because, if you could move the holes closer to the edge of the board, there would be enough space to route the middle traces, and still enlarge the route for the LED to allow “dog bones.”

There was a time when air to air missiles and anti-tank rockets were wire guided, with a spool of very thin wire paying out. Not powered though.

I’ll raise you the dead tree carcass version:


oh I got you wrong, I thought you were talking about the pads…it is indeed a good idea
yet the led must be set vertically and I am really constrained in term or with and height
but thanks a lot trying to help!

I expected someone to say a ‘Square-Drill-Bit will make a Round Hole when the Bit rotates’

Whereas in reality it would make a pentagonal hole. When drilling thin sheet you get one more side to the hole than you have flutes on your drill bit. You just dont get sharp corners though.

Only on a machine with lots of wear or flexing and bad workpiece holding.

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Indeed. For these tools to work the centre of rotation must be away from the centre line of the tool.

perfect !!! no filing required

a bit of cleanup around the castelated vias


yeay !!!