Is possible to generate more than one netlist for the same KiCAD schematic?

I would be very grateful if you could help me.

I’d like to know if (and how if it’s really possible) it’s possible to generate more than one netlist for the same schematic.

My real problem is beyond that. I’d like to make a new board from the same schematic. So I have to use the schematic I have of a previous project (add_on_4) in a new project (add_on_5). I read some explanations about hierarchical sheets. However it looked like unecessarily complicated that I thought about creating a new project and start from scratch.

In the meantime, I read another solution for such problem. It said that I could generate another netlist for the same schem and download that netlist on Pcbnew. It was the most interesting (easy-fast) solution I found, it didn’t work out though.

I just wish I could copy and paste that schem to my new project and start making ASAP. I even copied the add_on_4.sch, add_on_4.lib and add_on_4-rescue.lib (I don’t know what this last one is) to add_on_5 folder. I have a private library for add_on_4. I copied and pasted that library as well. I generated the netlist, opened Pcbnew, downloaded the netlist and it seemed that everything went well. I will need to make the edge cuts for the board that did not come from the previous project as I would like. I was using the 40-pin expansion board of raspberry pi template in the previous prject and I’d like to keep it.

Any suggestion is well accepted.

Thanks for your attention.

KiCAD is very interesting but tricky.

The easiest way to me seems to be to treat them as 2 different projects.
Just copy the whole “add_on_4” project to the “add_on_5” folder, including the PCB.

Just yesterday I answered a very similar question:

Some day in the future you may want to reconsider hierarchical sheets.
With hierarchical sheets you can probably make an “add_on_1” schematic, and tell KiCad to replicate that schematic 4 or 5 (or any other number) on the PCB.

With Hierarchical sheets you can also use scripting to replicate the component placement and track layout with scripts.
If you’re interested you can read more about that on:

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