Is KiCAD used in the Industry?



I am new here on the forum and just wanted to share my experiences on this
topic. I have been a long time user of DOS UltiCap and UltiBoard for all our
designs since the mid 1980’s if I remember correctly. Even got it upgraded to
the NI multiim version under that awful windows bloatware.
But since a few years back I have switched to kicad on debian Linux, never
looked back :slight_smile:
Apart from some things in the schematic and circuit board program that can be
done (programming) a LOT better it, more professional if you will, I am very pleased
with it.
Using kicad for reasonable complex designs, nothing high frequency though.



My company has been using KiCAD since past 4-5 years.

Yeah , people contributing on this forum are great !


Yes, We are using KiCAD. The AutoRouting features(It’s not an ideal but hey it’s there and it works), Greate community, and freeware make it my first choice.


using it full time in industry


I make several PCB designs a year using KiCAD. I find it better and much easier to use than Eagle and a lot less expensive than Orcad and Altium. I never laid out a PCB in Orcad, we had specialist people to that. I have used Altium and found the learning curve to be very long and steep. I did not like Eagle at all.

KiCAD as well as EAGLE, Orcad and Altium all have their quirks, things that don’t quite work like you might prefer and I am always creating parts and footprints in any program that I use, so, it probably doesn’t mater.


They tried to solve this problem in the 90’s by creating the EDIF standard,(Electronic Data Interchange Format) but it failed. It was an ambiguous in spots so no two vendors implemented it in exactly the same way. Everyone had their own “flavor” of EDIF and no two vendors could exchange data. It’s almost like they didn’t want us to be able to take our data.

John Eaton