Is it possible to switch from kicad to easyeda?

I am trying to upload kicad schematic to easyeda but its showing unexpected error while uploading. so it is possible to switch from kicad to easyeda???

Did you even read the replies to your last thread?

yes i went through it.Its really useful for me.
In last post m facing problem while editing after tht it somehow done edited.actually i want to delete this post but its failed to delete.Now i replaced with another query .Sorry for same topic recreated mistakenly.

That is the responsibility of easy eda. KiCad can not really influence how the importer works and it is very unlikely that anyone here can help you out with going from KiCad to easy eda. Which means you are much more likely to get help on the user or support forum of easy eda.


Thank you so much…

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