IRL640A Symbol Upload

No, it was all my fault :frowning_face:
I posted this, way up top:

Miss written by me or miss read by Brenda or maybe the English language to blame. That was why I further posted to correct the confusion.

I am sorry if I have misunderstood and communication. I also struggle through communication a little more than my normal crappy level of diplomacy, because I am having health problems.

I should rename the part IRL640A, the A superseeds the other.

OT: In another thread, I am asking for an CDDB kind of way to share parts : )

Hi, Brenda

My intentional joking not withstanding, it seems that there was perhaps some multi-contributor and somewhat comical misunderstanding that went on in the discussion threads above. I think I can speak for ALMOST all of the discussion contributors above in saying “no harm, no foul.” No need for apologies.

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I’ll second this, and my keyboard (which started it all) will third the motion.

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