Importing project libraries

I’m new with Kicad. From what I’ve seen, it’s a great platform on it’s way to being awesome!

In one project, I built a number of semiconductors that I want to use in new project. I’m not clear on how to use the custom library in my new project.

Kicad Rev. 5.4.1-e60b266-84-ubuntu18.04.1


The easiest solution for me is to copy the custom library to the new project and then add it to the new project via Preferences -> Manage Symbol libraries -> Project Specific Libraries -> Add existing library to table

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Not the best idea if the libs are inside the project directory of another project.

If the libs should stay project specific then i suggest copying them around. If one wants the same libs to be used in different projects then global personal libs are the way to go: Library management in KiCad version 5

Thanks SnowMB, that did the trick!

You are right. But I suggested copying the library first :wink:

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If I was building large projects on a regular basis, I would be much more diligent about libraries. I’m designing small PCB’s for my own interests.

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