Import InCu1 outline from FreeCad

I am new to PCB layout. My background is RF. I have created a pattern of coupled lines and leads that comprise a coupler – in FreeCad. Used File - Import - Import_Graphics in PCBnew. It placed the outlines on F.mask (understandable since it offered to "Import Graphics), and I need the outline on In1.Cu, so I can see them as zones, and fill with copper.
If there is a better format that FreeCad supports for this function, I could try that…
Any help on getting the outlines on would be much appreciated.

If you’ve already got your graphics in KiCad, then you can use Pcbnew / Edit / Edit Text and Graphics Properties to move your graphics to another layer.

For direct interaction between KiCad and FreeCAD, there is the “KiCad StepUp” workbench in FreeCAD, which can directly push graphics into a KiCad project, and much more.

In this short thread, there is a worked out example of using it to extract a PCB outline from a 3D step file in FreeCAD, and then use it as a PCB outline in KiCad.

This much longer thread has more info about the KiCad StepUp workbench.

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The RF “meat” starts from this post:

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Thanks for your replies. Very helpful. :smiley:

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