Import DXF and Kicad

Hi every body !

I would like to know why it’s really hard to import dxf to create de edge cut part of my PCB

You can see my picture to understand my problem.

what tool is the source of the DXF data?
what DXF format do you use?

I create my form on solidworks and I save with DXF extension

this is the original pcb commande.DXF (79.3 KB)

Any options for saving different DXF versions?

I can open the file fine with Autodesk DWG viewer 2015 (the 2010 version craps itself when it tries to load it).

Try some autodesk DXF format like 2004 or 2008 if possible.

open it in LibreCAD and save it as dxf R12
It can be imported fine in Kicad nightly
the UM


QCad is working very well for me, only problem am facing is I have to edit the line size after import.

Looking at it with Freecad, those thin loops look very fragile. Routing out can have tolerance problems

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Sujith, The script in the link below works for editing all the lines at once:


Dear All,
I found the documentation about the dxf file format.

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Rolandautocad_2012_pdf_dxf-reference_enu.pdf (1.1 MB)