I Need Help With Library Management

Hi, I’ve upgraded from KiCad 5 to 6 to 7 over the past few years. I haven’t done much work in the past 3 years. I’ve got an old Git file with some personal libraries on a remote drive that is associated with some projects I created 4 years ago. I need these.

I just tried creating a new symbol in a new project and an error pops up telling me “No Symbol Library Detected.” Well, how do I point to a symbol library or create one?

I found this, and it doesn’t appear that I have all of this stuff in my library when I click the ‘A’ button.

I used clone libraries, but can’t remember how. Also, I’ve completely forgotten how this insane file system works or how to modify it. HELP!

Hello @mlaflare
Try this from the FAQ at the top of this page.
It was written for Kicad 6, but not much has changed in this area for Kicad 7.

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Thanks! Where can I find Texas Instruments libraries? I need all associated files for a LMR16020 and a TPA3118.

Google those part numbers should give you links to the data sheets.

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