I get an error on PCBnew

I have a PCB design that needs some minor changes. Mainly graphics and via tenting. No problem there.
I wanted change a test pad size. In schematic mode, I go to footprint assign. There was an error when it opened. I do not remember what it was. I re-opened it and it appeared to work. Without making any changes, I did an Apply Save and Continue. I save Netlist in schematic mode.
Back to PCB I try to load PCB NetList. I get the following:
Error: Symbol U1 pad ~ not found in footprint MyFeet:FFC24B.
It is listed 7 times for each FFC24B.
In home page, I went to symbol and footprint editor.
All pads appear to be numbered. This component has 25 pins. 24 pins plus 4 chassis grounds. The chassis grounds are all labelled 25 as they should.

I restart KiCAD
In schematic, I try to reassign footprints. I get the following when the page starts:
Footprint library path “F:/PrinterCircuit/2020-03-04_22-49-52/footprints.pretty” does not exist

A similar file/folder “F:/PrinterCircuit/2020-03-04_22-49-52plug” does exist. What is this file and why was it created? How do I fix this?

The folder I created in March looks like:

What folder is MyFeet:FFC24B.kicad_mod file in?

Do you have more tha one MyFeet:FFC24B.kicad_mod file in your disk?

Let’s start by only these 2 questions.

Then we will follow with you fp-lib-table.

The symbol representing U1 has a pin with pin number “~” but there is no corresbonding pad with that number (my guess whoever made that symbol forgot to enter the pin number as “~” is the “default”)

See How does KiCad know which symbol pin represents which pad of the footprint?

I have the following:
I look in c:\ and f:…
inside of it is about 20 components I made.
There is one labelled FFC24B.kicad_mod
That is the only one I find.

I go to my KI-CAD home page. I go to symbol editor. I Look in DUGDiode, ( I am Doug) I find the file named PH. I open it. There is my symbol file. All 25 pins have numbers. I check about 20 pins using “E” and I do not see a “~” for pin number.

Then, the library you want to add to your fp-lib-table with Preferences->Manage Footprint Library is MyFeet.pretty

Now, let’s check the symbol U1. As @Rene_Poschl said, it has a pin with number ~, not the footprint, the symbol. Edit the symbol in the library and check if there is a pin with number ~. It can be a hidden pin, or a pin placed under another one.

Thank you both. Pin 9 had 7 “~” pins hiding in the same space. I use my MYFeet folder for all designs because they are all similar and are for the same project. It seemed to work well this past March. Is that not bad practice. As I am writing this, the issue could have been due to something falling on my keyboard.

How you organize your data is your decision. Everyone has slightly differing requirements. When it comes to KiCad then i see generally two major extremes of how to organize libraries: Project and libary setup for sharing and collaboration

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