How to search for footprint Package in library?

in steps : in the schematic sheet hold on any component
press F to edit component footprint
press select many libs will appear
now i am searching for pj-202a package how to find it simply ?

I don’t have the kicad libs in use nor installed, but I would try ‘barrel’ or ‘jack’ or ‘2.0mm’ and then compare the footprint you get with the ones in the datasheet.
Also, be aware there is a footprint repo browser integrated into PCBnew (button with book/magnifying glass on it) that will allow you to search visually as well and speed things up in case you don’t have the correct search terms.

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in cvpcb there is a field in the top to help you search, in the library browser you should know where it exists.

I have the same interrogation.

I see no field to make a search and ctrl+F does not work.

I have seen nothing in the documentation.


Is this bugfix commit related?

don’t think so.
It seems not to be a bug, just not implemented.

The *.pdf documents created by @felixq, and linked from the Forum threads at Full Footprint Library Lists ? (Ideally in ascii?) and Full Footprint Library Lists ? (Ideally in ascii?) provide a handy reference. They may be out of date by now, but at least you have a starting point for where to look for footprints.


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