How to run kicad-action-plugins on KiCad 5.99?


same same new name.

Yeah but the author @MitjaN mentions in the github page that it was compatible to kicad 5.99(which is still nighly) that it is working for the available nightly kicad versions from april, 7 2020
I was hoping to find a version from around that time to run the script.

You didn’t restart kicad after changing plugin code. Also I have a typo there, xGetTile() should be x.GetTitle()

Yeah you are right looks like I’m going to have to sit on it for a while…

May I have a hint of where I can find the most relevant API and fix the whole repository while I’m on it?

A hint for your current error: you can expect anything that says “modules” to have been changed to “footprints”

Regarding documentation look at this post.

As for the plugin, I don’t know when you were on gitHub landing page, but for two weeks now there is a 5.99 version for Replicate_layout plugin available in dedicated branch (mentioned in 3rd paragraph). It might work but I have not received any positive feedback yet. If it does not work, raise an issue.

But for a proper V6 version of the plugin you’ll have to wait a while. I’ll start to migrate them once situation around eeschema Python API and plugin/content manager is clear.

@qu1ck, any news regarding the plugin/content manager?

Thank you very much took a glaze at it and as it is such an unstable time to just begin develop for kicad as the idea is still forming I think staring at it for hours won’t help without a little bit of documentation but that’s a start.

and well I’ve downloaded the newer version from here and running today’s kicad nightly version and this doesn’t seem to run smoothly(never tried your tools but they seem like what I’ve wanted from kicad all there years.) so I’m trying to patch it to perform a duplicate operation on a PCB I’M working on, but with no luck. now I’m working on this line:

but even the method GetFootprints() pop an error says it need 4 arguments only one was provided and can’t find a clue for that in the API docs

BTW don’t grab components and hit escape it’ll crash kicad

You should use Footprints instead of GetFootprints.

But As said, if you raise an issue on Github, or continue this one I can integrate the changes and someone else besides you will benefit from this

Thanks sure thing I’m still trying to get the hang of all this collaborative programming on github sins I’m still trying to bring my coding skills to a more serious level coming from the C embedded programming world.

I’ll start taking care of this tomorrow.

Implementation in progress. Once it’s merged and repositories are setup I’ll ping you and some popular plugin writers to help with onboarding.


I was hacking this plugin to work for me and got it into (somewhat) working shape that was enough for me at the time. Are you sure you have checked out the 5.99 related branch and not the master one?

In 5.99 branch there is a fix for this particular problem:

        _pcbnew_frame = [x for x in wx.GetTopLevelWindows() if x.GetTitle().lower().endswith('pcbnew')][0]

Realized I wasn’t running the plugin of the the “5.99_kicad” branch running it on today’s nightly version and the one from the 11/2/2021 but none work and the following error message that is not that helpful now:

I think I’ll just wait for kicad to become a little more stable or until I’m more familiar and involved with the developers and the idea behind the development process right now I don’t feel much useful as I’m not an expert in python & C++ yet and I’d guess mentoring towards it for kicad is more hassle than reward so I’ll just wait a little.

look for the replicate_layout_error.log which should be in the folder where the plugin is located and attach it here.

The error message should be changed. It was written 2 years ago when Ubuntu switched to GTK3 while still packaging wxpython build against GTK2, thus KiCad had Wxpython disabled. So most of the errors when registering plugin were due to lack of wxpython support. This is not true anymore.


Replicate_layout_error.log (43 Bytes)

I haven’t got the whole : “KICAD_SCRIPTING_WXPYTHON” thing sorted out if it doesn’t by default and if’d be better be could move this conversation to your GitHub page. anyway for now I’ve decided to painfully do all the sheet replication by hand sins I don’t have a choice and need to dispatch this PCB today

Thanks for the log. It would be better to move this discussion to the plugin Github issues page, but until then, it looks like you did not save all of the files for the plugin to work. You have to save also

[2021-02-19 edit]: fixed a typo

Great parser right there !

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If you play around a bit more with Linux or similar, you learn commands such as:


Good PR for s??, or was it s-exPR?

I got tired just to read it ! :crazy_face:

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