How to rename a sub-sheet?

I renamed in the folder a .sch sub-sheet.
When I open the main sheet, an error occurs and, if I continue, a new empty subsheet is created.
How to change the path of the sub-sheet to the right sub-sheet ?
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What error(s) do you get?

I’ve just created a dummy project with a sub sheet and renamed the sub sheet (while KiCad was not running of course) from “1234.sch” to “123435.sch”.

Starting KiCad again and it says:

Then hover over the hierarchical sheet symbol and press ‘e’ from edit to edit it’s properties.
Then enter the new name:

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I have the same error.
Thank you for that: as newbie, I discover this function.

… but, when I save the sub-sheet, I have this following message:

When interacting with an international forum ALWAYS switch your software to English. (KiCad main window->preferences->language)

I am not sure how you managed it but at some point KiCad rescued the symbols of your project named domo_schema_bocs (why is a file named non-English in 2020?).
This can only happen if that file was opened as its own project. Which kind of contradicts your claim of you renaming a subsheet. In any case find the file with the name given in the error message and make sure it is included in your project and added to the symbol library table.

The locale en_GB is not set on my machine.
I understand that, if I move a sheet then I must also move the cache and rescue.
Thank you

no a sheet should not have its own rescue nor cache. Only one cache exists for a project unless you do something not really supported.

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