How to remove kicad completely

I need to know which files to delete on a mac version of the software to allow me to start again.
I have used a cad program/s for over 20 years and with the old ones it was simply delete, BUT with kcad it embeds files and I do not want to delete the whole of the software to get back to start.
Please advise

What do you mean, how do you want to “get back to start”? How does it “embed files”?

It’s common for applications to leave configuration untouched when uninstalling, although many applications ask whether to remove everything. Kicad just leaves the configuration files as they were, so uninstalling and reinstalling doesn’t help if you have problems. See Where are the configuration files (settings, library tables)? if you want to reset the configuration and the library setup.


Piggybacking on what @eelik said, by deleting the configuration files the next time you start KiCad it will believe that it was just freshly installed on the computer. Often this is the best way to “get back to square one” when having configuration problems in KiCad.

Personally, I use the fact that all the configuration files are human readable text files so I don’t just delete the configuration files. I rename them (or their containing folder) so KiCad can’t find them but I can still access them. I then have the ability to use a programmer’s text editor to do a text comparison between the files to either understand what might have gone wrong, or be able to copy the settings that I rely on from the renamed files to the files that KiCad uses. (Warning, don’t make any changes to configuration files while KiCad is running as unexpected behavior may ensue.)


I don’t know how is it on mac, but on Windows machines there are also the environment variable to take care of. IIRC V4 set environment variables upon installation and I am not sure that uninstaller cleared them.

Unfortunately it doesn’t, they have to be unset manually.

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