How to make subversion of project?

Sometime, need to create modifyed PCB’s, little bit different ( bugs correction, usually ) from previous, but same from software config. Is it possible to automatically change the citcuit and PCB’s production files name?
myPCB-01 —> myPCB-01.01 —> myPCB-01.02

One of the ways - to copy project to another folder, and rename all files, and edit some files inside. May be, exists more simply way?


Does subversion require renaming of files? That would be absolutely braindead, nobody would use it.

Why not just tag a revision with the board-version number?

Hmmm. It’s completely new idea. Previous, I was using another CAD, and make different named files for all orders.

For now, second part of question, how to store the history of versions…

You can use Git or some other project versioning software to do the things you want. You might look at this thread to get some ideas on using Git.

Free Subversion book.


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