How to find a specific global label on multiple sheets?


New to KiCAD, but am long term user of paid versions of EAGLE, OrCAD, and other pro Electro-CAD programs.

My question is: How to find a specific global label located on multiple sheets? And is there any way to high-light a trace on the PCB artwork and have it synchronized as well as high-light a net or a signal on the eschema, thereby enabling one to flip back and forth to see where the signal actually is routed either on the PCB or the schematic?

I noticed that there is no copy & paste between sheets, is there a work-around for copying user comments between sheets?

One last question how does one change en/disable text layers & assign colors? Are there any custom layer functions, ‘keepouts’, text, comments, etc avaiable?

thanks in advance…google

The search function might help. (As i do not use global labels, i have no project with which i can test it)
The search function is activated via the shortcut crtl+F

Not in kicad 4.0.x but the current nightly builds have a syncroniced highlight feature. This means kicad 5 will include it.

There is. select what you want to copy, right click -> save
In the target sheet use the paste button in the top toolbar.

I assume you talk about pcb new here. The colors can be changed by middle clicking the colored fields next to the layer names.

In eeschema the colors can be changed in preferences -> color scheme.

Keepouts are not handled via layers in kicad. There are special keepout zones. (Has its limitations)

About layers have a look at this FAQ entry: What is the meaning of the layers in pcb_new and in the footprint editor?

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