How to create nets for zones (GND, 5V) in pcbnew without schematic?

I am copying old PCB using kicad. I have designed and selected component footprints that fits this PCB board. I followed the trace lines of that PCB and connected footprint with each other correctly. The problem that i ran into is when i tried to place ground and 5V net zones on top and bottom layers.obviously when i try to place a copper zone there is no nets to select from because I don’t have a schematic. I only have few pins that need to be connected to ground and 5V zones. I don’t want to create a schematic.
So is there a method to add new net in pcbnew? for specific pins in a foot print can I assign ground net and then use add zone. can it be done,
or to add any zone do you have to have a schematic and assign nets their. ?
Thanks in advance

Yes, create a netlist, then import it. An easy way to create a netlist is with… eeschema. :slight_smile:

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You are in luck. Freshly minted is this nice plugin - WireIt
Download that, and add to plugins, and you can Add Net Names, Edit Net Names, Merge Nets etc

Do you have Gerber files ?

If yes, do this :
Load those into KiCad’s GerbView
Export as PcbNew files
Delete unwanted exported Vias
Merge with your placed parts.

Use WireIT to Tag the pins with NetNames.
As you do this, pcbnew will auto-connect those traces to the nets, but they do need to be violation-free to do so.

This thread has an example screen shot of a Test merge I did, using GerbView pathway & parts-with-net-tags.

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Nice tool!

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I’ve managed to create a new empty netlist. How do I add nets to the list, e.g. GND?
(not using schematic)?

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Create a text file containing the netlist and save it as a .net file.

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