How to create circle with drawing layer around mounting holes?

hey guys,
Can anyone tell me how to create a circle with a drawing layer around mounting holes by considering spacer space on PCB(approx 0.8mm)?

You must select the layer (click to the left of its color square).
You have the Circle tool (on the right side toolbox).
Later when you double click the circle (or press E when pointing at the circle) you can edit ist parameters.

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To add to what @Piotr wrote: you will want to do this in the footprint of your mountinghole by use of the footprint editor.

A specific diameter is easiest made by setting the grid origin to the center of your intented circle (i suspect can be left at the origin for a mounting hole as the hole will also be at the origin) and set the grid size to the size of the radius. (possibly by use of the user grid settings)
Then select the cirlce tool, click on the center location and then one grid spacing to the right (well any grid point 1 spacing away would do)

Another option is to just make any circle and then edit the circle properties to fit your needs (again set center point to be where you need it and then the “end point” to the distance of one radius, again easiest by simply increasing the x coordinate by your intended radius and keep thy y coordinate the same as the center)

Handling of the user grid is by the way explained in Tutorial: How to make a footprint in KiCad 5.1.x (From scratch)? for example in section “Adding the mounting pads using the user grid.”

thank you so much @Piotr

thank you so much @Rene_Poschl

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