How to convert a schematic built into a PCB built on MacBook?


Im a newer user of KiCad and I’ve come to conclusion that I can’t figure out how to convert a schematic built into a PCB. The problem is the ‘‘Assign Footprints’’ feature, that doesn’t really seem to work on Mac. I can’t assign the footprints to convert it over to a NETLIST so I can create a PCB model of my built.

Does anyone have the same problem?


What does “I can’t” mean? What you tried to do already, what is that which doesn’t work? There are several ways to attach footprints to schematic symbols. Screenshots of error messages or other problematic situations will help, too.

Tell also the KiCad version, otherwise we just have to assume it’s the latest stable 5.1.7.

With the given information we can not really do much other than point to generic tutorials and help articles like:

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