How to change the background color in pcbnew?

I’ve installed KiCad 5 and want to change the background color from black to white. I’ve read the manual:

but can’t find any information about it (searching for “color”).

Actually I just want to change the “Values” color, because I can barely read dark blue on black, especially when it is on the back, but this doesn’t work either, because unlike for “Pads Front”, “Pads Back” etc., there is not clickable color selection box left to the item in the “Items” panel for “Values”. Would be nice if I could change this as well.

BTW, is there a way to “flip” the board? When placing the labels and text on the back, would be nice to see it as if I would look on the back side. I know I can see it in the 3D view, but I can’t interactively change the board in this window, as it is possible with Altium.

On the right side of the screen is a sidebar. It has two tabs. One is called Layers (listing all layers of the board) and one is called items.

In the items tab there is an entry for the background.

Next to every entry in this sidebar there is a colored rectangle. middle clicking that colored rectangle opens a color selector.
Another way to change the color is by right clicking the text field or on the colored field -> change color (the text is different depending on the entry. If the text is gray then you can only right click on the colored field.


Thanks, I can see the “Background” item, but it is greyed out and it doesn’t change the color:

Also there is no color box left to “Values” and there is no right click context menu for Values.

In my case it is also greyed but it lets me click the colour box with the mouse middle button.

Values has no colour box because values take the colour of the layer they belong to.

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Yes, I can click on it as well, and the color of the small rectangle changes, as you can see in my screenshot, but not the background color. But looks like this is a bug of the old F9 mode. It works in the F11 opengl mode.

Thanks, “Values” for the bottom side works now, too, when I change “B.Fab” in the “Layers” tab.

I don’t think the Legacy Canvas (F9 mode) ever supported a configurable background colour.

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