How to card edge connectors in Kicad?

I am new to Kicad and PCB design.
I’d like to connect two PCBs using card edge connector. Main board will have female socket using this
Daughter card will have 4 fingers on each side.
What do I use to create fingers on PCB? How do I create holes for the socket?

Short answer:

  1. You find an online KiCad footprint file for that part; the edge connector part.

  2. You create a new footprint for that part.

Thank you for the fast response.
How do I find the online KiCad footprint?

  1. Look for it in the KiCad libraries on GitHub.

In PcbNew, under Preferences, there is the Footprint Libraries Manager. I think choose “Append with Wizard” and follow that down the rabbit hole.

  1. Look for it somewhere on the World Wide Interwebs; your belt level of Google-fu is going to affect your chances of success.
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There is also a *.PDF document illustrating the collection of standard KiCAD library footprints, sorted by library and footprint name. It’s probably out-of-date but it may give you a clue as to whether the footprint you need already exists, and where to start looking for it. I don’t have a link on my fingertips but try searching this Forum.


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I found it! Here: Full Footprint Library Lists ? (Ideally in ascii?) and a slight correction here: Full Footprint Library Lists ? (Ideally in ascii?)


Thank you very much.