How to add component w/ unique footprint

This is the first time for me to be using KiCad and I have an unusual part that I would like to add to the library.

The part is and the package is a TO-220-5.

The footprint has formed leads and I can’t figure out how to add those to the component library.

Any suggestions/insight are appreciated.

-brad w.

Is that the so-called “Pentawatt” package?

If you have local libraries, look in {KiCAD_Installation_Directory}\share\kicad\modules\Power_Packages_ThroughHole.pretty
Or maybe it’s at {KiCAD_Installation_Directory}\share\kicad\modules\TO_SOT_Packages_THT.pretty

Also look at

And there are similar packages, some with provision for attached heatsinks, at
(Scroll down to find the “TO and similars” section of the web page, about 3/4 of the way down the page. The footprint library file is at )

With any of these footprints, be sure to verify the dimensions - especially the spacing between the staggered rows of pins. If there is a discrepancy, it’s an easy edit to move the positions of 2 or 3 pads then save the footprint under a new name. Unless you want to live dangerously, and risk having the assemblers cursing your name because they have to re-form all those leads to fit the footprint you chose.

The *.pdf documents created by @felixq, and linked from the Forum threads at Full Footprint Library Lists ? (Ideally in ascii?) and Full Footprint Library Lists ? (Ideally in ascii?) provide a handy reference. They may be out of date by now, but at least you have a starting point for where to look for footprints.



I may have misunderstood your request. You should have said something like, “I am an admirably industrious new user who wants to add a footprint for this component, to my ever-growing local footprint library. Will a HUMBLY magnificent experienced user please offer guidance in this endeavor?”

  1. Start the “PCB Footprint Editor”, from the main KiCAD window.

  2. A brave and fearless user might draft the footprint entirely from scratch, but most of us mere mortals will shamelessly plagiarize from an existing footprint - probably one of the TO-220 footprints. You’ll find them in the library at TO_SOT_Packages_THT.pretty .

2.A. Add this library to your library list using the “Footprint Libraries Wizard” (Under “Preferences” menu), then select it as the “Active Library” (under “File” menu).

2.B. Download a suitable footprint as a starting point (“Load Footprint from Library” icon). Edit it as necessary to match your component.

  1. Give the modified footprint a different name, and save it to a new (local) library. (“Save footprint to New Library” under “File” menu, or use the icon.)

  2. Add your new local library to the library list.



Just a hint:
The term component library could be misleading.

In kicad there are symbols (abstraction of the function) which are also called components. (or at least some gui buttons still use the word component)

And there are footprints which define the landing pattern.

Component is sometimes also used to describe the combination of a symbol and a footprint. (also sometimes called atomic part)

I would like to give more than one upvote for this. Very well written.

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