How to add 3D Shapes globally? (Kicad 2015 v4.0.0.0)

Hi, I am new on this forum and I hope I will find a solution.

I have downloaded 3D shapes file on library at this link:
github link:

i wanna add 3D shapes for all footprint that has no 3d shapes yet globally.
i tried with “Add 3d Shapes” in Footprint properties but its only added to selected footprint.
2 same footprint, only add 3d shape to 1 footprint, the 2nd same footprint doesn’t show the 3d shapes. only the 1st.

then i tried to use 3D Shapes Library Downloader from Preferences menu. I insert the link and default kicad library 3d folder. Then i click next, the dialogue box show empty list… nothing can be downloaded…

i also tried to add the 3d shapes to kicad 3d folder, but it doesnt work.

any idea…? thx,

If I’m understanding you right, you have a board that’s laid out already and added a 3D model to one of the footprints in Pcbnew right? Instead, you should edit the footprint in the footprint editor and add the 3D module stuff, save to the library, then press ‘e’ or click to edit any footprint on your layout. Click “Change Footprints” or something like that in the dialog box that opens, then click “Update all footprints” (or just do it over for any single footprint you want changed).

Note that this will break your reference and value placements and actually update the footprint itself, so beware.

EDIT: Also make sure you’re saving the newly-downloaded footprints to …/Kicad/share/kicad/modules/packages3d/ or editing your KISYS3DMOD path to match where you put them.

if you want to export your board to 3D for mechanical purposes or interchange, you may consider to add 3D parts generated from FreeCAD or from STEP models.
Then you may use the kicad StepUp script to convert board and 3D VRML models to 3D mechanical objects for ECAD MCAD collaboration.
For example, if you need to check if your board can fit in an enclosure, kicad StepUp will give you the answer… :smile:
Using STEP models in your design will give you the ability to export all the artwork in mechanical 3D environment, letting you to design your kicad pcb with the same dimensions - appearance that you’ll get in mechanical software.
Moreover, kicad developers are moving to integrate 3D IGES and later STEP format directly into kicad 3d-viewer… so the first you move toward this approach, the less you will have to change later…
STEP (or STP) format is the standard de-facto for CAD interchange
STEP format description
and gives you a mechanical model with real scale factor for pcb enclosure design and collaboration
here a description of the ECAD MCAD importance in PCB designing
ECAD/MCAD Collaboration in other software
here an example of kicad EDA and mechanical CAD artwork collaboration and comparison in kicad with the kicad StepUp script, already usable with the actual RC kicad release…

just for completeness, here some recommendations for a 3D CAD package for KiCad available in the forum


If you use my github mirror, please note that I have organized it in its own folder. Therefore, you’ll have to add the ${KIWALTER3DMOD} specifier. There’s a menu for setting up extra environment variables. After you do that, 3D models should show up automatically when using his footprints.