How do I make a footprint for a vacuum tube?

Hi, I need to make this footprint. I know how to get to where I want to go, but I don’t have a clue how to enter the dimensions or what tools to use.

Here’s a picture of what I need:Screenshot%20from%202019-11-01%2014-54-21

Just use Footprint editor in PCBNew. Design a TH footprint with your 9 TH pads, add some center hole if needed and you’re ready to go. I never used polar coordinates for my works, but even if you can’t use them directly a simple trigonometry will give you valid X,Y positions for each pad.

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There are some footprints in the ‘Valve’ library in KiCAD, check there to see if the footprint you need already exists.

Open the footprint editor and use the wizard with a circular pad array. After you generate the footprint, remove the unneeded pad (3)

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I usually make dimensioning in FreeCAD and export sketch in DXF format. In footprint editor you can import DXF drawings into “Dwgs.User” layer and then drop pads into imported circles. After positioning pads dwgs.user drawings can be removed.
I think it is much easier do this in proper parametric CAD tool. After that there is a quick way to make 3d model


One more thing I want to mention. If you want precise placement select pad and circle, right-click and chose Align/Distribute->AlignCenter, and repeat process with AlignMiddle. Mouse pointer must hover over destination circle during snapping.

If you have the footprint already in freecad then use stepup to export it to KiCad. No need to go via dxf and have manual work left.


That looks like a B9A footprint? I created one of those but I have not yet submitted it. See if this is what you want? I also have an Octal.

Valve_Noval_B9A_ChassisMount.kicad_mod (3.6 KB) Valve_Octal_ChassisMount.kicad_mod (2.8 KB)


There’s a little problem to acess the footprints:
‘’# Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private’’ !

There is, in deed, a problem… those uploads should be two files? I will try again by putting the prett directory in a zip file: (3.5 KB)

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Perfect, thank you very much.

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