Hole-through pads


What’s the correct symbol and footprint for a single pad with a small hole through it? It’s for a spade connector so hole about 0.5mm. I can’t for the life of me find a compatible type. The closest I’ve come to is a CONN_01X01 component with a Connectors:1pin footprint, but the hole is huge!



Could you link the datasheet for the connector you intent to use?

You might need to create your own footprint if there is no correct footprint in the libs.

Is it something similar to http://www.te.com/usa-en/product-1217861-1.html?
There is a pull request that got stuck in discussions. https://github.com/KiCad/Connectors_TE-Connectivity.pretty/pull/6 (And it has a bit lower priority now that we are preparing the libs for the v5 release)

At this point, any hole through will do (I can tweak it later). Is there a correct symbol for a hole through? I guess it’s not considered a component as such.

Symbols represent functions not physical properties. In other words the symbol does not care if it is connected to a smd or tht part. If you need a symbol for a connector use some connector symbol of your liking.

It looks like you are not sure what the terminology here means. I wrote an explanation some time ago. Have a look there:

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Err yes that’s what I’ve done (CONN_01X01), but what is the correct footprint?

What I’m expecting is a bunch of pads with different size holes in them, but I’m not seeing it. :slight_smile:

If you don’t tell us what exactly you intent to use we can not help you with finding the correct footprint.

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If you have already found the 1pin footprint, is there any reason why you don’t modify it and save it with a new name? It takes about 30 seconds if you know what you’re doing.

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The correct footprint is whatever footprint you choose to associate with that symbol. The footprint must include at least one electrical pad, identified as Pad Number “1”.

In my local copy of the standard KiCAD library there is a folder called “Connectors.pretty”. (It’s in the “Modules” subdirectory. I last updated my library back around May or June, so the names may have changed.) Inside “Connectors.pretty” is a footprint called “1pin.kicad_mod”. It’s a single pad, with 4.1mm diameter and a 3mm hole.

Open it with “Footprint Editor” and adjust the dimensions to suit your application. (Hover the cursor over the pad, press hotkey “E”, and edit values in the “Pad Properties” dialog.)

Then save it with a different name, such as “1pin_itty_bitty_hole_for_tiny_spade_connector.kicad_mod”. (Wouldn’t it be cool to have a filename with more characters than the file contents?) Probably also a good idea to put it in a new footprint library, such as “. . \My_Modules\My_Connectors.pretty”, so it doesn’t get clobbered when the libraries are updated.

Then associate your new footprint with the instance of “CONN_01X01” on your schematic.

While you’re doing library work you can create a whole family of pads with assorted diameters and various hole sizes. E.g., :

  • “1pin_itty_not_bitty_hole_for_almost_tiny_spade_connector.kicad_mod”
  • “1pin_small_not_itty_bitty_hole_for_small_spade_connector.kicad_mod”
  • “1pin_medium_small_hole_for_larger_than_small_spade_connector.kicad_mod”
  • Etc


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@snoopy20 For example:

Spade.zip (3.3 KB)

I made it some time ago so not KLC compliant.

Open the footprint file in a text editor to see where the 3D image goes if the footprint matches what you need and you want the part rendered.

Edit: sorry about posting a two pin terminal, got hung up on the image in one of the links provided by Rene_Poschl


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Thanks guys, I modified the existing footprint and saved. You can see three smaller pins for programming the MCU (hopefully that’s the best way to do it).

I haven’t got around to making/editing 3D parts yet, still learning as it’s my first PCB.

Cheers for the spades file Terje, I’ll check it out. I’ll be aiming for two pin spades to prevent turn fracturing but I haven’t got around to sourcing them yet.



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