Help needed with PCB design based on existing project

It looks very nice and professional, thanks. I will try to route the tracks tonight.

Thanks for the .SCH… 2 of the chips where missing as I assume the symbols where created by the designer one chip I have done but the CC1101 (U2) appears on the schematic as an 8 pin device but I cannot find such a device ! any thoughts ? I am trying to make a complete Kicad project and begin from there

I leave you a link to download the whole archive and there you will find the CC1101 footprint aswell.
In the right side you have a green button named “CODE” and under the button you have the “Download ZIP” option. In the archive is the whole project with libraries, etc.

CC1101.kicad_mod (2.2 KB) cc1101.lib (532 Bytes) CC1101_Module.step (337.3 KB) CC1101_SMD.kicad_mod (1.8 KB) DIP254P762X420-8.kicad_mod (4.8 KB) PCF8583P.lib (925 Bytes) PCF8583P.step (399.8 KB)

Before jumping straigt into making a PCB for the project as it is presented now, you should start with thinking about what you want on the PCB.

  • Do you want to copy the circuits of the PH meters on your main PCB?
  • SMT or THT?
  • Connectors?
  • More?

No, the Gravity interfaces should remain as they are, and everything elese should be on the board (relays, connectors). THT should be OK.

The complete project should be in the zipfile I posted yesterday, too, as well as on GitHub. The project is structured strangely, because the directory additional is being used like a .pretty directory to hold .kicad_mod files, even though it doesn’t have a .pretty extension. And the same directory is also being used to hold .lib files, too. So it’s weird, but it all loads properly for me in KiCad 5.1.12.

├── additional
│   ├── CC1101.kicad_mod
│   ├── cc1101.lib
│   ├── CC1101_Module.step
│   ├── CC1101_SMD.kicad_mod
│   ├── DIP254P762X420-8.kicad_mod
│   ├── PCF8583P.lib
│   └── PCF8583P.step
├── fp-info-cache
├── fp-lib-table
├── HB-UNI-Sen-POOL-cache.lib
├── HB-UNI-Sen-POOL.kicad_pcb
├── HB-UNI-Sen-POOL.kicad_pcb-bak
├── HB-UNI-Sen-POOL.pdf
├── HB-UNI-Sen-POOL.png
├── HB-UNI-Sen-POOL.sch
├── HB-UNI-Sen-POOL.sch-bak
└── sym-lib-table

1 directory, 18 files

Ok thanks I have the whole project now hopefully I will get some time in the next few days to check it out

Thanks !
I have the whole thing now, I’m not that good at file structure I don’t usually need to know, Kicad is a tool to me and I love it but now I’ve learned a bit more.

Ok I have a working project now and found that the Reset was not connected from the ISP header I have added that to the MCU and it is error free, you have all the footprints assigned so I will also have ago at the layout (time permitting!) over the next couple of days, I will work from the Photo regarding layout.

Cool! Looking forward. Thanks.

I routed the tracks as the ratsnets indicated, is it OK like this or I should followed only the schematic? I think there are no errors… It looks like this.

HB-UNI-Sen-POOL forum.rar (16.0 KB)

I’m not sure what that means, but it passes DRC, so it should be good.

That said, there are a few stylistic issues worth pointing out:

  • I usually use wider traces for power and ground, although your board might be low enough current that this doesn’t matter.
  • You should probably do a GND fill on at least one side of the board, if not both. (I usually do both.)
  • I saw a few instances of “weird looking stuff”, although that shouldn’t affect the functionality:

Thanks for the advice. I wanted to do filled GND and POW but I don’t know how to do it. :sweat_smile:
For me, this is the first time when I “design” a PCB… so, one step after another. For sure this will be v.1 and when I get more experience there will be some improved versions.
P.S.: The “weird looking stuff” are the only possible routes for those circuits. Maybe beacause I did’t find the perfect order for them and some off them had to go around other to make the connection.

First, select the “Add Filled Zones” tool on the right side of the window:


Then click where you want one of the corners of the zone to be. After you click, it will open this dialog:

Select the layer you want the zone on (which defaults to the current layer), and then choose the net (such as GND, for example). You can probably leave all the other settings at the default. Then click “OK”.

After you click “OK”, it will let you draw the outline of the zone. I would recommend drawing the zone a comfortable distance outside the board outline. (Only the area inside the zone AND inside the board outline will be filled.)

When you run DRC, I would recommend checking the “Refill all zones before performing DRC” checkbox, to make sure the zones are up-to-date.

If you want to refill the zones manually, without running DRC, just make sure the “Add Filled Zones” tool is selected, and then right-click anywhere on the PCB view. Choose the “Zones” sub-menu, and then “Fill All”.

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As of 20211126 there is a PCB file there.
I cloned the repository.
I am running 5.1.10 and when open the project I find that I can open the schematic.
However when I try to open the pcb I get an error message to th effect that my version of KiCAD is older than the version with with the pcb was made.
IIRC there is some kind of daily build version but I have stayed with the current stable. I will check for more recent stable. IIRC there is also a Version 6 in the works. Perhaps it is out…


Good catch! Looks like the PCB was added five days ago, after this thread began.

I have updated my KiCad to 5.5.12 but still, cannot open the pcb file.

Anyone else with perhaps the 5.11 or what ever the nightly is called open it and perhaps share a screen shot?

I have 5.1.12 and I can open that pcb.

Look at your PCB carefully - you should find many things that could be done better.
For example:

It will be better to connect R4 and R5 GND pins directly at green layer after moving the green wire going between them to the left of R4 GND pin.
The key is to place elements the way to simplify connections that are to be done.