Heatsink: Add Stonecold HS-S01, HS-S02, HS-S03

Why these footprints not added to library in KiCad-6.0.9 ?

No one has reviewed this merge request yet and it hasn’t been merged into the official libraries: Heatsink: Add Stonecold HS-S01, HS-S02, HS-S03 (!1967) · Merge requests · KiCad / KiCad Libraries / KiCad Footprints · GitLab

You’re welcome to simply download the footprints and use them, but I’m sure the librarians would appreciate you checking if the footprint is correct and complies with the KiCad Library Conventions and providing that feedback in the merge request.

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This is a 2 year old MR, this needs to be updated to v6 before anything. ( This comes from github migrated branches and the original author cannot directly push there )

Parts (footprints or symbols) remain in limbo for a combination of reasons. First, being a library maintainer is not a very glamorous job and there tend to be some vacancies in that area.

Secondary, the threshold of acceptation of library parts is quite high, due to the (very rightly so) high quality standards required by the KLC. This puts a relatively high load on the shoulders of anyone who volunteers to be a KiCad Library maintainer.

The result is that many merge requests for library parts stay in limbo for a long time.

I think what’s needed is some different approach. For this, read this other thread, also started on 2022-11-08

The MR only includes references to VRML 3D models, STEP is preferred these days

Not so, contributions to the KiCad libraries need to specify wrl so the “prettier” model gets shown in the 3D viewer.

The step exporter will replace VRML filenames with STEP if the appropriate option is checked.

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How to run script “check_footprint.py” on Windows 10 ?

I imported footprints, checked and saved in KiCad 6 format. What next I must to do ?
How to share footprints ?

Usage is described here just scroll down a little.

I assume you mean contribute them to the official libraries. Are you barely familiar with GIT?

EDIT: I just saw your comment in GitLab. We can continue discussion there.