Guidance on chip selection during cvpcb process (first board!)


Pretty certain.

The issue is the voltage rating of the different types of materials. If using the tantalum cap rated for 10V, the design should probably be exposing that cap to only 3.3V or so; not the 10V maximum rating on the DataSheet.

A 1206 part is pushing the limits for 22uF for mostly average/normal circuit voltages.

I need a “working” voltage of 15V for my design.


As i stated it depends on required voltage :wink: Your wording seemed to imply there is no 1206 cap with 22uF (As even the cheapest ones on farnell are 0805 and 0805 is smaller than 1206 this is a bit over simplified)


Tip : do not use cvpcb, seriously !

I’m sorry, but I like cvpcb. It helps prevent any serious bloating of symbol libraries. It provides flexibility. It allows unusual assignments on the fly if desired. Of course cvpcb increases your responsibility of choosing the right things. But any errors can anyhow be corrected after the first prototype iteration.

I would’t like to have numerous symbol library copies of e.g. resistors, inductors and capacitors each of them associated with certain footprints. The fact however that each symbol may contain a list of footprints eases the assignment procedure in cvpcb. Despite such, one has full flexibility to assign any other footprint. Hooray!

By the way: if missing footprint previews in cvpcb appears as a problem in some cases, you can assing the footprint in the context menu of the symbol - with preview.

BTW: if - after a basic start of a new schematic - a cvpcb procedure had been executed, all of the already uses resistors, capacitors etc. of a certain symbol name will have their footprint assigned. I then usually use the copy hotkey to add e.g. more resistors in the schematic, and assign them a value. This also reduces the effort in cvpcb. If any resistor need e.g. a bigger shape, this - of course - requires attention in cvpcb (or the symbol context menu).


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