Group several components in schematic and pcb layout

I need some help. I am designing a shield for arduino and I have a group of 3 relays and connector which is instantiated 16 times. Can I create the schematic for these 4 components and pcb and then use it as a macro, so I dont need to do all the wiring and pcb routing 16X.



You can use block copy for this. It is a little more straight forward in the schematic section. In the PCB portion you would have to change the reference designators every time you did the ‘duplicate’ though.

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For schematic: hierarchical sheets sharing the same file. You edit one of them and the other 15 schematics are updated automagically.

For layout:

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This looks rather complicated. Is there no way to layout the 4 components and reuse it as a component?

I wrote a script to convert a PCB to a module, Is there a way to convert whole PCB in new footprint? I have not updated it for v5 though.

Thanks. This might work

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