Graphical arrows in KiCAD EESchema?

In several cases it would be useful to have the possibility to insert graphic elements like small arrows, to indicate, for instance, the point in which a voltage is detected and so on. Which is not a Test-Point but just to indicate that if you measure up there, there would be X voltage.

I don’t find this graphical features. Is there any plugin to add ? Or another practical (not cumbersome) way?

There are graphical arrow symbols in the “Graphic” symbol library.
It’s a bit cumbersome, but you can insert arrows of a few different sizes into your schematic.
You can find it by searching “arrow” in the “Choose Symbol” window.
You could also draw arrowheads yourself by reducing grid size but its not very practical.
I’m not aware of any plugins automating the process though.

Thank you for the hint. At least there is something.

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Please upwote this issue then: Eeschema: Add graphical line ending options (#5028) · Issues · KiCad / KiCad Source Code / kicad · GitLab

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Or you can use text; see Unicode Symbol not Rendering - #6 by eelik.

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Right although I often need something slant. So far I see there are few solutions. However I hope in the future they will add this kind of Lead-Line

I wanted to put some ground symbols on the pcb of SEPIC project which I posted in another thread. If I just put them on the pcb, then the pcb editor wanted to remove them during “update pcb to the schematic” because there was no corresponding symbol in the schematic. (I guess I could have locked them instead.) So I drew a ground symbol in the schematic and assigned it a ground symbol “footprint” (just a silkscreen ground symbol) on the pcb. Of course it gets a reference designation but that does not need to be printed. This was not so difficult and seemed to have worked satisfactorily. Not sure if this satisfies the OP request?

This is the kind of lead-line. This is a compromise, following the instructions by @Dawid_Cislo … the ideal is to have an instrument like any lead-line on any CAD …

Thanks do David’s hint I just typed “arrow” in the schematic symbol search box, and I’ve got a bunch of them, and indeed in the Graphic library.


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