Global Pads Coordinates check/table

Hi guys!
I am back to KiCad after 10 years!
Is there a way to quickly check all pads coordinates of a footprint?
I other CADs you can view a table with all pads and their coordinates/dimensions.



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I do not know of such a table, but the file format is human readable.

Another option is the use of the grid (for a coarsely check of the position at least)

And the most powerful way to check footprints is via a full fletched MCAD tool like freecad. I added a tutorial for that to the FAQ


Welcome back!

All project and library files produced by KiCad are text based.
You can edit a footprint in your prefered text editor and check the pads coordinates.

It should be relatively easy to understand what the values are, but you can also have a look on the documentation:

Page 21:
Sh “2” C 1500 1500 0 0 2700
Shape: shape Xsize Ysize Xdelta Ydelta Orientation


Very nice tutorial… Thx a lot! :smile:

Hi @Rene_Poschl
thank you for the tutorial :smiley:

If you want, I developed a Manipulator WB for FreeCAD aimed to help in STEP files manipulation; I also added a Caliper to direct make measurements to 3D parts and STEP files (hierarchy models included).
This could be directly used for footprint checking.

Here is the Manipulator FC manual page

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