Global labels shapes in Kicad

I’m trying to “translate” an schematic I found to Kicad and I’m not sure about these labels. I want to use the correct shapes.
What kind of global label shape is the one on the left? or it’s the representation of a pad in the PCB?
The one on the right I’m almost sure it’s a passive shape global label

As there are users from many nations, you should use the symbol that you are most familiar with.

I don’t know how old you are; industries change standards just for fun it seems.

The most important part of a schematic is that it is consistent and conveys the intent of the circuits in the actual design. It does not convey information about any pad in the PCB.

KiCad, as an EDA software, does have to connect the Schematic and Pcb Layout together.

Both are so called power symbols (or power ports or power labels depending on the source you read)

There is not really one “correct” shape. There are many standards bodies who defined such shapes in the past. And there is not even a guarantee that shapes that are used are really part of an official standard. (Sometimes tools just define something without waiting for the standards body to catch up.)

The right symbol looks like how VDD is represented in at least cadence. The left one is the standard VDD symbol shape in kicad (and i think eagle as well)

So in the end it is up to your preference (or your target audiences).

Typically power symbols are made such that they do not have a representation on the PCB or in the BOM.

What you really need to worry about is how kicad defines the netname. This is not done via the value field (or symbol name) but via the name of the hidden power input pin. For making custom symbols read Tutorial: How to make a symbol (KiCad v5.1.x) (last section)

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