Getting a new symbol

Just starting in KiCad. I need a symbol for Cypress CY8C5868AXI-LP035. Not in library. How to get?
Thanks, Russ

You can either download from somewhere like here:

Or even better if you make it yourself - it’s easy enough and if you are going to be starting with KiCad chances are 100% you will eventually soon have to make your own symbols and footprints.

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I have started using KiCad from creating my own symbol and footprint libraries and I use only them.
Creating own symbols and footprints can’t be more complicated than designing PCB itself.
I didn’t read following FAQs, but I suppose they can be helpful:

Gmc, thanks very much for pointing me to SnapEDA. Works great. I will build my own components, but only when necessary. Too much work to waste time on that I don’t have to.
Thanks, again, Russ

It can often be an even bigger waste of time trying to find and then fix problems with an incorrectly drawn, imported 3rd. party symbol or footprint.

Of course there is also the time spent scouring the internet and asking on forums to find those 3rd party drawings in the first place. :smiley:

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Thinking you are right now, Could not find connector I wanted to use, will have to make it.

Thanks again!

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